Russian Ship Enroute To Syria Carrying 360 Marines

Several Russian news agencies are reporting that Russia is sending three warships with 360 Marines to the Syrian port of Tartus. The reports could not be confirmed and Russia refused to comment on the matter.

The ships are expected to reach Tartus within a couple days and will be delivering food and supplies to the Naval base Russia operates in Tartus. The warships will reportedly then depart, but it is not clear if the Marines aboard will stay behind in Syria or not.

One Russian news agency has said the Marines will not stay behind and are on board only to ensure security as the ships enter a nation with open rebellion and war.

Russia has supported the Syrian government lead by Bashar al-Assad during the last 17 months that there has been unrest and now civil war in Syria.

Recently, Kofi Annan, the U.N. peace envoy, has quit saying he "can not want peace more than the protagonists" and that Russia's continued support of Assad as his army slaughters thousands of civilians is not a situation that will allow for peace.

Russia has maintained that this is a Syrian domestic matter and that any settlement between Assad and the rebels must include Assad.

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