Los Angeles, CA –

Concluding a six-day preliminary hearing, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has ordered Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood to stand trial for the beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium. The blow left Stow nearly dead, and he remains in a therapeutic facility still with low prospects that he will ever be able to provide for his two sons again.

According to several witnesses, Sanchez and Norwood were harassing and taunting Stow following a game between the Giants and the Dodgers. Stow made several attempts to walk away, but Sanchez and Norwood persisted.

Eventually, with arms at his side, one of the two men, accused in the beating, punched Stow in the bottom of the head so hard it probably rendered him unconscious according to experts during testimony. He then fell to the ground with his head hitting the concrete making a loud noise.

Even the girlfriend of one of the two testified that Sanchez and Norwood jumped in the car quickly and yelled “get … out of here!” and that there was blood on Norwood’s hands. She said she never asked what happened and they never told her. She is the mother of a child with Norwood.

During a phone call recording of Marvin Norwood when he used an LAPD detective’s mobile phone, Norwood apologized to his mother saying, “Hey, I got arrested for that Dodger Stadium thing,… I was involved… To a certain extent I was.” He then tells his mother, “Pretty sure I’m going down for it… I’m sorry.”

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