Egyptian Military Strikes Islamic Militants In Villages In Sinai Peninsula

Egypt's military struck at Islamic militants in villages across the Sinai Peninsula in retaliatory action for the death of Egyptian border guards who were killed by militants during a cross boarder attack on Israel. The move comes as Egyptian President Morsi fires his Sinai governor after the attacks and appoints a new intelligence chief.

Gunmen killed 16 border guards on Sunday in the bloodiest attack on security forces in Sinai since Egypt made peace with Israel in 1979. The attackers stormed through the border into Israel but they were killed by Israeli fire

Israeli had been dealing with a growing menace on its southern border as Islamic militants had been increasing their actions by firing rockets into Israeli, leaving Israelis in a predicament, whether to cross an international boundary with a nation they have a peace treaty with after fighting two wars with, or depend on the Egyptian government to handle the situation, a government still struggling to transition into a new form after toppling Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt has said it will honor all of its international obligations and treaties, include the peace treaty with Israel.

Egyptian Aircraft fired on targets near the border with Israel while army troops raided villages and arrested several militants.

The new president, Mohamed Morsi, a more moderate Islamist who took office in June, tried to allay Israeli concerns with promises to bring the region back under government control.

But Morsi has also brought Egypt closer to the Islamist Hamas movement ruling Gaza, making this a delicate time in relations between the Jewish state and the Arab power.

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