New PayPal Scam Is Arriving Via Email; BEWARE

PayPal users beware, there is a new email scam going around by cyber criminals who are intent on getting your PayPal money.  The scam circulated in an email, and we got on here at one of our work email addresses, that has never had a PayPal account.

In the email, it tells you that your account will close soon if you don't update your account soon and urged you to log into your account using the link provided.

Here are all the WRONG things about this:

1- The email does not address you by name, just "Member".  PayPal will address you by name when they are contacting you.

2- Grammar, spelling and punctuation are incorrect, but is not obviously noticeable, so read it carefully.

3- The email asks that you do not reply to it since they can't open inquiries to that address.

4- The address it was sent from is "".

5- The link they provide does not go to PayPal, here's the link provided, it looks legit, but its not and looks something like this:  

That link redirects you to a site in a foreign country that looks similar PayPal's website and is designed to capture your log in information to PayPal.

A real PayPal address will look like this:  <--- note the "/" immediately after the .com.

As with most scams, if you think something does not look right, don't open it, instead open a new browser and type in the URL that you know is real to a site you have questions about.  Or call the company in question.

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