Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan has his running mate for the Republican nomination and presumed Republican ticket to go up against President Obama in the general election in November 2012.

Ryan is probably best known to most Americans as the man who offered up federal budget plans for the Republicans over the last few years that were met with a lot of political controversies and labeled as too harsh and too extreme too fast and not representing the realities of the American people.

“One of Gov. Romney’s strengths is he’s not just about winning, he’s about governing — why not put in the guy who’s arguably best suited to help you change things in the budget in Washington,” said Walker, a conservative favorite for moving to reduce the power of public unions in his state.

Most all of Ryan’s federal budget proposals involved deep cuts or elimination of entitlement programs and social programs, ones which usually hurt the elderly and the poor the greatest say advocacy groups and replace them with a voucher program. His budgets rely on “trickle down economics” which Democrats say does not work, and like Romney, offer tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans while marginally reducing taxes for the middle class at best says the Obama campaign.

Republicans argue that without reducing government debt and reducing burdensome regulations, the economy can not grow and put Americans back to work and we can not finally shake off the effects of the last recession.

The Obama campaign says Paul Ryan’s past budgets are nothing more than “thinly veiled social Darwinism.”

As for the Romney campaign, supporters acknowledge he was having to fight from behind and defend himself too much and needed a lightning rod conservative to get Republicans to go to the polls since most conservative republicans were not thrilled about their Republican choice.

In the days before sealing his choice, Romney had made it clear he was tired of defending himself. NBC’s “Nightly News” on Friday aired portions of an interview with the candidate in which he even suggested he would try to call a truce with Obama on attack ads.

Paul Ryan was first elected to the House of Representatives when he was just 28 and has been reelected seven times since by Wisconsin voters.

Ryan’s policies involve reducing government and reducing debt while providing alternative solutions to programs Democrats say are critical to the elderly and the poor and that will still result in substantial reduction of benefits.

Romney and Ryan himself in the past have argued that by reducing taxes on the wealthy and on businesses, they will spend and invest that money which will create jobs.