3 States Rush To Stiffen Gun Control Laws In The Wake Of Aurora Colorado Shooting

Democratic legislators in California, Illinois and New York are pushing for tighter gun control laws, though their efforts are largely symbolic because neither republicans state legilators or congress appears to be making any moves to modify current gun laws, nor has either presidential candidate taken up any gun control topics or agendas. Also most state legislative session have already been concluded for the year.

IN CALIFORNIA democratic lawmakers want to make magazine clips that hold rounds of ammunition take longer to reload and require dealers to report any large ammunition sales to law enforcement.

ILLINOIS gov. Pat Quinn has said that he wants a strict ban on assault rifles.

IN NEW YORK, democrats are pushing a wide array of measures including limiting the sale of a guns to an individual to once a month, requireing gun owners take safety classes and limiting the amount of ammunition sales to 500 pounds a month for an individual.

A 1994 ban on assault rifles expired in 2004 and has not been renewed since.

Legislators say if congress won't act to fill what they call a gun control void, they will.

Critics say these proposals are reactionary and political in nature for an election year, and that none of the proposed measures would have prevented the Colorado shooting by James Holmes. With one of his purchases, he would have had to simply wait one month more but would have still been able to commit the masacre.

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