Air France Pilot Asks Passengers For Gas Money After Plane Is Stranded In Damascus

The pilot of an Air France flight recently had to ask his passengers for money to buy jet fuel while the plane sat on the ground in Damascus, Syria.

The flight left France bound for Beirut Lebanon but had to divert and attempted to make it to Amman Jordan but didn't have enough fuel, so the plane landed in Damascus.

Due to the tension between France and Syria, and the ongoing civil war, airport officials in Damascus could not accept an airline credit card for fuel and the pilot was forced to ask passenger how much cash each of them had.

About two hours later new terms were agreed to and the plane was refueled and took off.

Air France has said that it is investigating why the plane did not have enough fuel to make it to Amman Jordan as it should have, where it could have avoided the awkward situation.

The airline used to fly to Damascus but was forced to suspend service earlier this year due to the unrest in the country.

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