Republican National Convention Opens In Tampa Then Immediately Goes Into Recess

Tampa, Fla. -

The Republican National Convention opened at 2:00pm today highlighting a debt clock that is counting the United States' debt as it accrues since the start of the convention.

Immediately after the opening, the convention went into recess due to the weather affects of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Inside the Tampa Bay Times-Forum, it was only about 40% full as many delegates either have not arrived yet or were delayed due to weather. The floor was full but the seating risers inside the area were nearly empty. Several delegates were still in their rooms monitoring storm information back home in their states.

After the opening prayer and a moment of silence or emergency responders dealing with Isaac, a video was highlighted on the front main screen behind the podium on stage.

Mitt Romney clips were played attempting to stir patriotism saying "we believe in America".

The convention has been condensed from 4 days into 3 days.

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