[**UPDATE – 5:25 pm – United SHARES system has been restored and is back up as of 5:23 pm (EST)]
United Airlines suffered a major computer system failure today around 3:15 pm (EST) which has affected reservations, ticketing, checking-in, and boarding flights.

United’s servers in Charlotte, NC went down at 3:15 pm and those servers operate the SHARES computer program United uses for many of its passenger management actions. The outage also affected United’s help desk located in Houston, Texas.

The SHARES system is not connected to United’s aircraft and there is no danger to flights or any of its airplanes but it is causing significant delays in all of United’s cities.

So far United has not canceled any flights, but delayed exceeding 3 hours is common at many airports we checked with including Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Dallas, Charlotte, Miami, St Louis, Memphis and more.

United and United Express flights are affected by the computer system outage.

All flights were being held on the ground or at the gate, but as the SHARES came back online at 5:23 pm (EST), flights are being allowed to depart.

Additionally, the FAA issued ground-stops for all United flights bound for San Francisco, SFO, and Newark, EWR, (New York). The ground stop has since been lifted.

United would only say they are investigating the incident, but there have been reports that the system was intentionally brought down by unknown hackers attempting to disrupt United servers.

Officials at the FBI have acknowledged they are also looking into the incident.

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