Hurricane Isaac Becomes Tropical Storm Again, Causes Power Outages, Gov Consideres Intentional Breeching Of Levee

As Hurricane Isaac hits Louisiana and Mississippi, roughly 1.2 million have been left without power, 591,000 in Louisiana alone. LA Gov. Bobby Jindal said in a news conference today that officials are considering blowing a hole in the levee protecting Plaquemines Parish in order to reduce pressure on the levee system as a whole.

So far there have been widespread reports of downed trees and power lines and major flooding in parts not protected by the new levees built.

This is the first major test of the new levee system built after hurricane Katrina destroyed large parts of New Orleans.

Isaac has been downgraded back to a tropical storm with winds at 70mph today and moving slowly to the NW at 6mph.

Rainfall totals are expected to be between 12" and 20" across the area most impacted by Isaac.

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