US Airways Flight Lands After Bomb Scare; Unknown Caller Played Hoax On Passenger

U.S. Airways flight 1276 en-route from Philadelphia to Dallas was forced to return and land in Philadelphia after a bomb scare was called in.

The FBI said an unknown called reported a specific passenger was carrying explosives, which in turn lead authorities to call the plane back and conduct a security sweep of the airplane and all of its passengers.

The suspect identified by the caller was taken into custody only for the FBI to later learn the whole incident was a hoax by the caller. The man taken into custody has since been released.

No dangerous or explosive materials were found anywhere on the plane or in any baggage or with any passengers.

The plane was an Airbus A319 with 69 passengers on board.

The FBI has said it is a federal offense to make such false claims and the caller will be prosecuted, once found.

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