ExpressJet Loses All But 2 Stations After United Changes Ground Handling

Houston, TX -

ExpressJet has lost all but two of the stations it handled for United Airlines after United put Out RFP's earlier this year, the only two remaining are Asheville, NC and Harlingen, Texas. All ground handling, ticketing and gate operations have been either awarded to other bidders such as Regional Elite or United is taking back to mainline service.

The two remaining stations will be given to ExpressJet's parent company SkyWest and ExpressJet will focus on keeping the contracts it has with Delta. Those too are uncertain, as Delta's new labor agreement with pilots limits how much Delta can use regional carriers and gradually returns mainline service to some cities now served by regional carriers.

----------------------------------- [Update: 7:55pm - TFNJ just received word that ExpressJet has lost all of its cities that it operates ground handling for with Delta, and all stations will be closed by 2013 ] -----------------------------------

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The process of changing over ground hanlding from ExpressJet to other carriers began at the begininning of June and is nearly done with only a few stations left such as Lafayette Louisiana.

ExpressJet's flying for United as a regional carrier is largely untouched for now, but over the next two years analyst are predicting United will be taking back some of the flying and the remaining flights will come up for new bids.


ExpressJet and SkyWest may get the chance to fly for American Airlines with about 50 aircraft based out of Los Angeles, LAX, and Dallas, DFW, consisting of CRJ200's, split evenly between both hubs.

This possibilty comes about as American was able to remove contracts in Bankruptcy limiting the number of aircraft and seats available on regional carrier partners.

An announcement is expected within the week confirming this from American Airlines, but so far remains unconfirmed.

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