Detroit, MI –

Ford’s new updated 2013 Ford Fusion is hoped by many within the company to return Ford to the top of the mid-size car sales leader in American, something not seen since 1996 with its Ford Taurus.

The mid-sized car market is the most popular sized car sold in the United States and the Toyota Camry, and Honda Accord has held the spot for the last 16 years.

In the new 2013 Fusion, drivers can expect everything they loved about their old Fusion, but now with more options and choices, including five engine options, three gas versions, and one gas-electric hybrid and one plug-in electric hybrid version. It also comes with improved technology gadgets and phone syncing capabilities making driving more comfortable.

The car also rates well in crash safety tests and drivers can expect to get a combined 47 mpg with the hybrid version making it the most fuel efficient mid-sized car for 2013.

The Fusion will be going up against the Toyota Camry, an all-new Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, a redesigned Chevy Malibu along with its eco version, Hyundai Sonata and the Kia Optima, with the last two making serious inroads into the total market share.

The Ford Fusion is great looking, great on fuel economy saving you money at the pump and has more than enough power to satisfy your teenage son. Overall, this is the best buy for a 2013 mid-sized car, and you’d be foolish not to buy one.

– by The Anonymous Customer

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