Explosion At Pemex Oil & Gas Refinery Plant Kills 26

An explosion occurred at a Pemex oil and gas refinery in Reynosa city, in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, not far from McAllen, Texas late yesterday. The incident killed 26 workers, 4 Pemex employees and 22 contractors.

Firefighters and rescue crews were able to put the fire out about an hour later. Roads in the surrounding areas were closed as fire trucks and ambulances rushed to the scene and took victims to hospitals.

A similar incident was reported last week at another Pemex-owned plant where four workers were injured. On August 13, a Pemex gas plant in Tamaulipas was hit by a fire although the company claimed that no one was hurt. Many of the mishaps at Pemex facilities have been blamed on illegal tapping at gas pipelines, often perpetrated by criminal gangs.

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