Air Force Scrambles F-22's Jets To Intercept 2 Planes Violating No Fly Zone Over U.N. General Assembly In New York

The U.S. Air Force has scrambled two F-22 military jets to intercept two planes that violated flight restricted zone in place for the United Nations General Assembly which is taking place now at the U.N. in New York City.

The first incident occurred at about 11:05am and the second incident just a short time after the first one.

In both incidents, small planes were intercepted over central New Jersey and forced to land at Central Jersey Regional Airport in Hillsborough after failing to respond to radio calls.

FAA spokesman Jim Peters says the temporary no-fly zones were established around the New York City metropolitan area because of the U.N. meeting. President Barack Obama addressed the gathering.

So far, neither pilot has been arrested, but authorities from the FBI are questioning both.

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