Mars Rover Curiosity Finds Shiny Object On Martian Surface

As the rover Curiosity continues its mission on Mars, it has stumbled upon a shiny object on the surface of Mars while doing drilling samples.

So far no official word from NASA as to what it could be, but the internet and social media sites have been busy coming up with ideas.

Here's some of them;

-A tiny spy camera from aliens in a distant galaxy

-Something Arnold Schwarzenegger left behind in 1990 while uncovering his past.

-Car Keys

-USB connector

-Foil from a Gyro wrapper

-Dog Tags

-The back of a lapel pin from Mitt Romney

-A Scientific device used by Doctor Who

-Earrings from one of the James Bond girls

Its important to remember, Curiosity is not the first explorer to Mars.

What do you think it is? Post your comments below.

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