Mars – [Houston, TX]

NASA’s Martian rover Curiosity has found a rock on Mars that is not like other rocks examined so far, in fact, it’s very Earth-like according to Edward Stolper of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, who works on the mission with NASA.

“This rock is a close match in chemical composition to an unusual but well-known type of igneous rock found in many volcanic provinces on Earth,” said Stopler.

According to NASA, the rock found on Mars has nearly the same composition as those on earth found in earth’s planet’s mantle and result from crystallization of water-rich magma at an elevated pressure.

Both NASA and geologist say rocks are important because it tells the story of a planet’s origins and evolution.

The rock is around the size of a football and is shaped like a pyramid. It has been nicknamed “Jake Matijevic,” after a mission engineer who recently died.

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