Canadian researches have found that a new pair of underwear designed to deliver shocks to your buttocks can prevent bed sores and other pressure sores.

The underwear is designed to deliver a mild 10-second shock to your buttocks every 10 minutes for 12 hours a day by using two electro-pads on each buttock. In their study of 37 patients who were routinely getting bed sores, none got one while participating in this study.

Researchers note that those with spinal cord injuries, the elderly and those in the hospital for prolonged periods due to some injury or illness could benefit from these new garments.

Doctors at the University of Calgary tested underwear which placed two pads of electrodes on each cheek. They found that by mimicking a person’s body fidgeting, it left them in a slightly different position.

The study was conducted on volunteer patients with spinal cord injuries.

The findings, presented at the Neuroscience 2012 conference, showed that none of the 37 patients developed a sore during the month-long trial.

Robyn Rogers, a research nurse at the university, said: “Pressure ulcers can be terribly debilitating.

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