According to state officials, you can vote for Santa Claus in 15 states on the presidential ballot.

The following sentence appeared in the Capital Gazette over the weekend: “If elected, Claus promises he will be the first chief executive to fasten the presidential seal to the back of a flying reindeer sleigh.”

In addition to Maryland and 13 other states, you can also vote for Mr. Claus in Nevada where a man with that name did file the appropriate paperwork with the state on time.

Though his name will not appear on Nevada’s presidential ballot, he is an official write-in candidate. So if Mr. Claus’ political agenda of making toys for kids, putting the presidential seal on the sleigh and his platform of giving kids presents should appeal to you, state election management worker Donna Duncan says you can type his name on the ballot to vote for him.

The Washington Post reports that; Mr. Claus was born Thomas Patrick O’Connor. He is a former New York City police official. He is single. He is 65. He has a long white beard. He is unaffiliated with any political parties, and he intends, should he win, to continue working to make children happy every Dec. 25.

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