Texas Judge Orders JetBlue Pilot Clayton Osbon Free

U.S. District Court Judy Mary Lou Robinson has said Clayton Osbon will be set free instead of sending him to a mental facility.

Clayton Osbon was piloting a JetBlue fight from New York to Las Vegas in March when he began shouting about Jesus and terrorists and ran up and down the aisle of the plane while it was in flight. The co-pilot made an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas after locking Osbon out of the cockpit and passengers restrained Osbon.

During the non-public trial, a neuropsychologist testified in a short, unpublicized trial that Osbon had a "brief psychotic disorder" brought on by lack of sleep.

Following the trial, Osbon was sent to a prison mental treatment facility in North Carolina.

"This is a bad situation for you and your family, but you are fortunate to have the type of immediate support that you have," Robinson said.

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