A UPS driver has been caught stealing a FedEx package that contained an iPad mini at a home in Texas.

Al Alverson did not receive a packaged that he has expected to arrive a few days ago and decided to review his security camera footage. To his surprise, he saw that a UPS driver delivered a package and steal one delivered by a FedEx driver earlier the same day.

The package was an iPad mini for his daughter for Christmas.

When Alverson attempted to contact UPS to make a claim, he says they were “less than helpful”, so he posted the video online and UPS has since become very cooperative and replaced the iPad mini.

Since then, the UPS employee was fired and has been arrested. UPS says that all employee undergo a criminal background check and that the employee in this incident was a seasonal employee.

According to online forums, complaints are on the rise for theft of packages left at homes by UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Security expert says senders can elect to require a signature, that way the package is actually delivered to someone at that location and can be placed inside, or like an increasing amount of people are doing, sign up for a mailbox service at places like UPS Stores, Mailboxes Plus and Package and Mail Centers located in nearly every town and neighborhood where it can be stored by accountable employees until you pick it up.

In fact, the number of mailbox center customers have been rising an average of 15% a year. Expect to say its also a great way to prevent thieves from stealing your mail.

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