A massive swarm of locust has descended onto Egypt, hitting much of the Giza area and the fertile Nile farming areas. Is this how it happened When Moses warned the pharaoh?

According to Egyptian government figured, an estimated 30-50 million locust have invaded from the west and landed along the fertile Nile river farming areas and in the Giza Plateau pyramids.

Government officials from the ministry of agriculture have told people not to attempt to rid the area of the locust by lighting car tires on fire, saying it will not work but can endanger peoples lives.

The agriculture ministry is sending crop-dusting planes to spray chemicals in an attempt to disperse the insects and hope prevailing winds will blow them east into Saudia Arabia in the next few days.

News of this comes just as Passover approaches on the Jewish calendar.

Until recently, many scientists doubted these many locusts could survive in northern Africa and that the accounts of the Passover Haggadah might have been an exaggeration to tell a story.

The biblical account of Moses and the plague of locust can be found in Exodus 10:14:
14- And the locusts went over all the land of Egypt…

The rest of the locust story starts at Exodus 10:3
The larger part of the story of Moses and the plagues start in Exodus chapter 5 and continue forward as Moses eventually leads the Israelites out of Egypt and out of slavery according to the bible.

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