The 2013 Florida Film Festival is finally here! Since moving to Orlando 10 months ago, the Enzian Theater has been like my home, and for the next ten days, it will be the home of some fantastic filmmaking and film experiences.

What is the story? Throughout the Festival, a movie going Phanatic will expose to 170 films, this is a record!  A lot of these films premiered for the first time, 22 World premieres included! That means you can be the first to check out movies that may go on to be classics, cult -classics or box office hits.  There is also plenty of inside access to the filmmakers themselves, parties, forums and individual presentations.

Who’s the Man? And Who’s that Girl? First of all, the next big thing may begin their approach to greatness during the Festival, but for your everyday moviegoing popcorn chomping enthusiast, there are going to be stars on the screen and in person.  Keep an eye out on the Spotlight Films, where you can see Matthew McConaughy in the Florida premiere of Mud or Retro Films where there is  An Evening with Tippi Hedren and a screening of Hitchcock’s Classic The Birds. Perfect viewing of Federico Fellini’s 81/2 on Italian Cinema Night should keep your artistic glands salivating and The Wednesday Night “Pitcher Show” at the Eden Bar presents Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

Why should I go?  Whether you are looking for the freshest of new or the most classic of old, there is something for you at the Florida Film Festival.  Not to be typical but there indeed is something for everyone.  The most exciting thing for me is that I will get to see some of my favorite classics on the big screen and not to mention that screen will be at the Enzian Theater, one of my favorite Florida attractions. (Note: Some of the higher capacity films will be at the Regal Winter Park Village Stadium 20)

Is it any good? It is my first Florida Film Festival, so I have big expectations.  The only downfall I can predict is that I’m not going to be able to see everything, but I guess that is a small price to pay when you are a movie going, junkie.