Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, they all appear in this documentary, but quickly they take a back seat as the spotlight is redirected to a fascinating story of some of the talented women who until now, we’re just the backup singers. Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer, and Judith Hill are names that are not household, but it is the house that they bring down in this documentary brought to us by filmmaker Morgan Neville.

What’s it about? This is a suitably detailed look at some of the most influential voices that you thought you knew, but you didn’t know.  While being mesmerized by the individual talents of these backup singers you receive a one of a kind on stage pass into the world of the music business.

Who’s the Man? Producer Morgan Neville answered the call in high fashion by getting this great idea done. The grand idea came from the recently deceased Executive Producer Gil Friesen.

Who’s that Girl? The most talented group of female singers ever captured on film. Merry Clayton was on hand to perform at the Florida Film Festival screening and without a doubt, is a star! At the age of 70, she can sing better than any contestant that has ever been on American Idol. Merry (Ray Charles, Bobby Darin), Darlene Love (Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra), Lisa Fischer (Rolling Stones), Judith Hill (Michael Jackson), Tata Vega (Elton John), Claudia Lennear (George Harrison, Rolling Stones), Gloria Jones (Ike and Tina), Dr. Mable John (Ray Charles), Susaye Greene (Ray Charles, Supremes), The Waters Family (Michael Jackson), Cindy Mizelle (Luther Vandross), Rose Stone (Sly and the Family Stone) and Janice Pendarvis (Sting) are most of the ladies featured in this film.  There were even more that were interviewed but didn’t make it into this film. Neville in an offhand comment said there is enough for a sequel.

Why should I see it? The only “Why?” I have, is “Why?” did it take so long to tell this remarkable story. It is only a brilliant concept done in a soulful way.  If you like music, any music, you will appreciate this film. Soundtrack??? Please!!

Is it any good? It is beyond good; it’s needed! In our present time the music industry is dying, this is a film that could remind us what music is all about.

This film will be hitting theaters across the country in June.

Twenty Feet From Stardom Score: 9.2

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