Movie Review: Mud is a story that would make Mark Twain proud. Mud has a classic feel, showcasing how life and love blend, in the same way, the river meets the ocean.

What’s it about?: Two young teen’s lazy days on the river are interrupted when they encounter the title character, Mud.  Mud enlists the boys to help so he can reach his goals of love and freedom.

Who’s that guy?:  Matthew McConaughey has been receiving widespread acclaim for his performance.  The always on the move McConaughey brings a likability to the love-struck and noble Mud.  Though McConaughey’s performance is compelling, the two young actors who play Ellis and Neckbone, Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland, hold there own and carry their part of the film as well.  Sam Shepard plays the old-time gunslinger who gives the film its narrative and voice of reason.

Who’s that gal?:  Juniper, portrayed subtlety by Reese Witherspoon, is the face that launches a thousand riverboats. Witherspoon seems to add another role to what seems to become an iconic career.

Is it any good?: Mud is a unique look at love, both new and old. Director Jeff Nichols gives us a film that is as gritty as its name. Mud also has a great finale, something that most recent movies seem to lack.

Mud Score:  8

The scoring scale is out of 11 total possible points.  Why 11 and not 10? “Because this goes to 11” – Spinal Tap

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