San Francisco, CA –

YouTube has announced that it will begin charging a subscription fee to watch some content on the popular streaming video website, which is owned by Google.

Under the plan, viewers will pay about .99 cents to subscribe to one channel each month, YouTube will be offering 53 channels.

YouTube has said it will have a wide variety of channel to choose from, but would not give specifics. One show that is known to be part of the plan is Sesame Street.

Personal videos uploaded by users who do not have a channel or get a low amount of viewers would still be able to be seen by anyone for free.

YouTube says about 1 billion people use the service every month.

The analyst expects that is Google rolls this out all the way, it will be the bigger giant to popular services like NetFlix and Hulu.

Viewers though had less good things to say and complained about having to pay or having to have a credit or debit card.

YouTube says the trial will be conducted only in limited locations for now.

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