Movie Review: Director Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby puts a trailblazing spin on a classic novel. Though this movie may not be appreciated by everyone, it will probably influence how Hollywood will attempt to recreate our Grandparent’s favorite stories.

What’s it about?: A mysterious millionaire (a million dollars was a lot of money in 1922) befriends a writer while attempting to capture and resurrect a lost love. It would be hard to simplify The Great Gatsby, but this installment has a unique translation to the world we live in today, with or without the Jay-Z music to score the film.

Who’s that guy?: Luhrmann calls upon his Romeo and Juliet star Leonardo DiCaprio to handle the mystique of Gatsby. DiCaprio was the only choice, playing the role with both power and unique vulnerability. Tobey Maguire is Nick Carraway, your bright-eyed narrator of the visionary world. It’s nice to see him back where he belongs, acting and not playing superhero Spiderman.

Who’s that gal?: British actress Carey Mulligan is your Daisy. She enters the film in grand Luhrmann fashion but only seems to fizzle slowly for the remainder of the film. The character of Daisy is just one of a few things that take a hit in this famous novel to film transfer.

Is it any good?:  The F. Scott Fitzgerald enthusiasts will be up in arms for sure, as the literary world is supposed to do when one of their precious gems is molested by the dirty hands of Hollywood. In defense, this film attempts an odd, offbeat approach and pulls it off.  As we get another chance to look back at F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work, I believe that one day in the future we will look at Luhrmann’s works and appreciate them in a similar regard. This is a great story and deserves to be told forever and in many ways.

The Great Gatsby Score:  7 

My scoring scale is out of 11 total possible points.  Why 11 and not 10? “Because this goes to 11” – Spinal Tap

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