Mike Matthews

Movie Review: The Hangover Part III puts the finishing touches on an unforgettable movie trilogy. It’s nice to see a comedy gain a “trilogy” status, you don’t see it too often, and if you do it’s most regrettable.  To make a trilogy without objections to its fan base is impossible.  Film fans will criticize sequels for many reasons, for example, many criticized Director Todd Phillips about The Hangover Part II for repeating the same exact formula of the original only in a different part of the world.  I personally liked that choice but found myself in the minority.  In the third installment, Phillip’s yields to those critics and gives us a day and night in which our favorite Wolf Pack are not backtracking the prior evening.

What’s it about?: If it wasn’t connected to the previous two films, it could have been called “Mr. Chow’s Revenge”.  The Wolf Pack finds itself in the middle of a crossfire between the insanely naked Mr. Chow and the before mentioned, but now introduced Marshall, played in cameo form by John Goodman.  Alan, Phil and Stu have to reach for the gold, literally, in order to save Doug, “White Doug” not “Black Doug”.

Who’s that guy?: The Wolf Pack is back and intact.  Zach Galifianakis returns to his star-making role, Alan. Like the first two films, he is the centerpiece of the ongoing insanity. Nominated for an Academy Award since his last outing as Phil, Bradley Cooper kindly returns to nursery school.  Stu, played by Ed Helms, completes the hat-trick by returning only to be violated and mutilated in “Hangover” fashion.

Who’s that gal?: Rocketing comedienne Melissa McCarthy plays Alan’s exact match, Cassie. Only a minimal addition to the film, I felt this love affair deserved a little more time on screen.  Everyone my age was happy to have Heather Graham return, only to discover that she was only present in a glorified cameo role. This was definitely a movie for the boys.

Is it any good?: This film serves its purpose on two horizons. For the filmmakers and studio, it’s a cash grab and for fans like me, it’s a chance for us to pay homage to one of the funniest films of a generation, “The Hangover”.

The Hangover Part III  Score:   7 

The scoring scale is out of 11 total possible points.  Why 11 and not 10? “Because this goes to 11” – Spinal Tap

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