According to a memo that was leaked to TFNJ, the merger team made up of American and US Airway plans to layoff workers at two Hubs.

In the memo, it laid out a plan to reduce the workforce by 4,000 in a series of “reorganization of resources” actions but did not call it a layoff.

According to the proposed plan, several job positions at Charlotte and Dallas would be reorganized and that employee will have to apply and reinterview for the new position as their old one is eliminated, even if it is essentially the same job. Dallas and Charlotte are major hubs for American and US Airways respectively.

The number of new jobs available under this plan is roughly 4,000 less than the number of workers at both airlines.

Those not offered a new position after the interview or those that do not apply will be given transfer options to other “remote” stations.

The memo expects the vast majority of the reduction in workforce sought will come from attrition, that is employees bailing out or quitting over time.

To be clear, the memo says it is a proposal, therefore, this is not a planned decision or action, as of yet.

According to some aviation analyst, this merger will be rough regardless, citing the disparity of union contract problems within US Airways and the very polar opposites in corporate culture between American and US Airways.

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