Movie Review: It’s hard to believe that this is Denzel Washington’s first romp in the comedy world. Dying is easy and comedy is hard when even his character is confused as to what objective this movie is trying to achieve. 2 Guns, like every buddy film, has its moments. At certain times you feel you’re on a ride along with the boys, other times you feel you’re on a ride along tour you have seen a hundred times. There are no real surprises, twist or turns, just a lot of good guys winning and bad guys losing. The dialogue at times is cute and humorous, but all of the time it feels contrived. Mark Wahlberg also seems to be confused as to whether he is a leading man or a comedic second banana. When doing comedy, Wahlberg should probably continue using a Teddy Bear as his sidekick and not one of the greatest dramatic actors of all time.

What’s it about?: The DEA and The Navy have simultaneous undercover operations going on in order to heist millions of dollars from a crooked CIA. I think???? Washington’s character Bobby and Wahlberg’s character Stig are the unaware pawns. The movie is a lot simpler when it plays out I promise you.

Who’s that guy?: Two great actors give off only good performances when talking about true Hollywood stars like Washington and Wahlberg. The stand out performances come from Edward James Olmos and Bill Paxton. Olmos plays Mexican drug kingpin Papi Greco with a rare comedic flare for the accomplished dramatic actor. Bill Paxton for what seems like the first time in a while breaks his usual stoic self to play eccentric CIA bad guy Earl. As someone who falls asleep at the sight of Paxton, I was truly impressed with him in this movie.

Who’s that gal?: This is a boys only movie, don’t bring your girl, you will hear about it. Washington and Wahlberg are not exactly the heartthrobs they once were and the only female presence in the movie is that of the ill-fated two timing Deb played well by Paula Patton.

Is it any good?: Hey, it has Denzel in it, it’s not all bad, but I assure you that you have seen this movie before. If you have time to kill, go check it out, you will have a little fun.

2 Guns Score: 6.5

The scoring scale is out of 11 total possible points. Why 11 and not 10? “Because this goes to 11” – Spinal Tap

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