Ace Metric Bike Shop of Orlando has probably the best customer service I’ve found in Orlando.

I recently decided to get back into shape by riding a bicycle, I previously worked as a bike messenger in DC and LA, but haven’t cycled for a while since moving to Florida, partially due to the ridiculous heat and humidity.

Since moving to Florida, I have visited many bike shops, and while most were cordial, had a decent selection and prices, getting help was difficult sometimes as they were focused more on ringing out the sale and consulting and advising the customer.

Then I found Ace Metric, and here’s what I saw.

A small shop, now located on Winter Park Drive, near the Baldwin Park area, has a nice setup, design-wise, and felt comfortable when I walked in. I was greeted when I entered, although the “man at the desk” was with another customer, it was nice to know he acknowledged my presence and didn’t leave me feeling like I ignored.

After he finished with the other customer we began talking, and he was asking me more about my riding history, and how I intend to ride, both are helpful when selecting the right bike for me!

I decided to go a step further, I asked about the production of the bikes he carries, where they made and those work conditions. Surprisingly, he knew, and he knew a lot.

I have happily bought a bike from Ace Metric, and it felt good knowing what I had bought was made morally, so to speak. And the price was high. Also, I didn’t feel ripped off, and for the ever critical “after-the-sale” support, instead of shying away and saying a quick little blurb, he encouraged me to return for the free help and tune-ups.

If you haven’t already visited Ace Metric, I would add it to your list of bike shops when you go looking for your next bike.

As for me, I have been riding all day, and it feels GREAT!

-The Anonymous Customer “In Search of Real Customer Service”

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