[Opinion Article]

Winter Park is or was known for its trendy Park Ave with boutique shops, upscale retailers, and patio restaurants sitting a block from Rollins College.

One of the famous “icons” of the area was the Amtrak Train station with its old roof extending down the tracks for passengers on the four trains a day that stops there. I’ve included a picture I took back in 2009 of the roof which gave the character and feel of the area.

Now that SunRail has come along, and I do support mass transit and making way for modern improvements, it could have done better, and they could have left the original roof.

But the officials at the ill-fated SunRail wanted to tear everything down for a new look.

Ill-Fated because the light rail does not solve the “first & last mile” problem and it only serves a limited number of people compared to the potential number of people that could and would ride it if it came to their neighborhood.


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