Washington, D.C. –

According to new polls out yesterday and today, Republicans are taking the most blame for the federal government shutdown, with 62% saying republican’s stubbornness and refusal to negotiate is irresponsible and reckless.

Meanwhile, roughly 50% also assign some blame to Democrats saying their spending habits are costing the country too much and that something has to be done to slow spending.

But among Republicans, it is a complicated mix of ideas, with Tea Party Republicans less likely to negotiate, instead, demanding a government shutdown if they don’t get what they want, while mainstream republicans make up 60% of the party and almost 50% of them say Republicans haven’t done enough to work with President Obama.

Within democratic circles, roughly 53% say their party representatives haven’t done enough to work with Republicans and 38% say runaway spending is causing serious damage to the country.

A proposal among Democrats is to raise the government’s debt ceiling by $1 trillion, seen largely as a knee-jerk reaction to Tea Party Republicans insistence of a government shutdown, was met with a very cold reception by House Republicans, led by John Boehner of Ohio.


Congress’ approval rating has reached a new low, just 5% say Congress is doing an acceptable or good job, and just 37% say they are happy with President Obama’s job performance.

69% of Americans are reporting that both sides are to blame equally and that incumbents should be voted out of the office to break the deadlock in Washington, D.C.

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