Salt Lake City, UT

Archeologist and Paleontologists have announced they found a new dinosaur, the Lythronax, and that is T-Rex’s “great uncle,” dating to about 10 million years before the Tyrannosaurus Rex. They have dubbed the Lythronax Argestes “king of gore” because of its thick skull, large teeth and it 24-foot long body, which serves for one purpose, to attack and kill as it roams from Mexico to Alaska.

The Lythronax has been unveiled at Utah’s Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City after a paper was published in the scientific journal Plos One. Researchers have speculated this was a female, and far more aggressive than the male counterpart, and more protective. Additionally, it is thought the Lythronax was equally capable of being romantic, in her cruel way linking it too tricky pregnancies of laying her eggs. “In short, she loved until you messed with her, then she became the worst enemy you could ever have,” says Amy Cohen, a dinosaur researcher.

“Discovering the Lythronax pushes back the evolution of the group that gives rise to T. rex, which is something we didn’t understand before,” said Mark Loewen, a geologist at the University of Utah.

Previous to this discovery, paleontologists believed t-rex-like dinosaurs dated only to about 70 million hers before T-Rex, and this discovery charged the evolutionary timeline for paleontologists.

The eastern Utah, Wyoming, southern Montana, and western Colorado areas have been ground zero for dinosaur remains and discoveries, though they have also been found in many other parts of the world.

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