New York-based JetBlue airlines have ranked as the worst airline for on-time performance during the busy holiday periods while Hawaiian Airlines had the best on-time performance.





Statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation for the two busiest travel periods of the year, Thanksgiving and from Christmas to New Years have been published and show that airlines with a majority of their flights on the West Coast are on-time more often than their East Coast counterparts.

Taking the number one spot for on-time performance during the holiday periods is Hawaiian Airlines with just 6.92% of their flights late, following by Alaska Airlines with 11.27%, Mesa Airlines at 14% who is a regional carrier for United and US Airways, then AirTran at 14.11% although.

AirTran is now part of Southwest Airlines, which did not make the rankings, and the fifth best on-time performance during the holiday periods is US Airways with 15.57% of flights being late.

Bringing up the bottom of the list for worst on-time-performance is JetBlue with 22.02% of the flights arriving late, Just slightly better than that was ExpressJet at 20.5% of all flights late, next is Denver based Frontier at 19.8%, American at 19.5% and American Eagle with 18.39% arriving late.

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