Welcome To July... And 150 News Laws That Go Into Effect In Florida

Well it's July 1st, Sunday. In case you have no plans for today, the State of Florida has provided ample reading opportunities, in the form of 150 new laws that take effect today.

Some are fairly routine like the state's annual budget, currently at $69.9 billion, and others more controversial, like state Senator Gary Siplin, a democrat of Orlando, who successfully saw though a law called "inspirational messages". It does not include prayer or biblical readings, as thus a lawsuit is hanging over the state and local school boards. Siplin said he is confident the law is constitutional.

The ACLU said if the measure was passed, it threatened prolonged and costly legal battles against local school districts, because the school district is not fairly allowing those who may be religious to have their belief read in school, only a neutral-ish, non-religious cobbling of inspirational words, and it has to be read it school. Conservative critics point out that they have no say in what is "neutral", and even inspirational readings can stray into religious doctrine and often does.

School boards were given the option to implement this in their own districts or not.

Another law, requiring injured students be removed from sports until a doctor has cleared them will go into affect, as the state deals with brain concussion injuries in a more public way.

New PIP insurance laws go into affect today, aimed at stopping rampant fraud in the no-fault system Florida uses.

A law that bans state and local governments from hiring companies that do business in Cuba and Syria already has been challenged in court and a federal judge has at least temporarily put it on hold.

New penalties for human trafficking, tax breaks for businesses, and anew drug law is on hold after a Miami judge rules the law violated the constitution banning unreasonable search and seizure, though Florida has indicated it will appeal the ruling. It wants welfare recipients to be required to submit to a drug test to get help.

Another law expands Gov. Rick Scott's power of state rule making, another restores tax credits for renewable energy, and yet anther expands online learning for elementary school students.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg of reading. If you want to read more, visit http://laws.flrules.org/

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