More Sea World Drama; 2 Artist Pull Out Of Busch Gardens "Bands, Brew & BBQ"

The drama with Sea World and the movie Blackfish and bands pulling out of the theme park's summer concert series has spilled over to Busch Gardens now with the Beach Boys and Pat Benatar pulling out of the Tampa Florida theme park's Bands, "Brew & BBQ" event.

Sea World Parks & Entertainment owns Busch Gardens.

ROE Speedwagon, 38 Special, Barenaked Ladies, Willie Nelson, Heart, Cheap Trick, Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride are among the bands that have cancelled at Sea World in Orlando for that park's "Bands, Brew & BBQ" event.

The parks have been fighting a PR disaster after the release of the movie Blackfish, which details controversial treatment and captivity methods allegedly used by Sea World with Tilicum and other Orca killer whales.

Sea World and Busch Gardens have said that animal activist have propagated misinformation and that the movie is highly one-sided and does not reflect the actual conditions and treatment of the animals in its care.

Sea World operates a rescue team for stranded and sick marine wildlife and rescues as much as 2,000 animals annually. Both parks also operate educational outreach events and promote animal conversation according to thousands supporters and partnering agencies.

Additionally, both parks are engaged in conservation efforts of endangered species around the world.

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