According to new market research, smartwatches are expected to grow, with 45 million sold by 2017 exponentially. Leading the pack is Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch with 54% of the so-called “smartwatch” market share. Sony made up 19%, and the Pebble was at 16% of total smartwatch market share in 2013. Canalys performed the research.

Also gaining traction were the fitness tracker watches; Fitbit took 58% of the market share, and Jawbone UP had 21%.

But the smartwatches are, so far, coming at a significant cost to tech manufacturers, who have had to run expensive marketing campaigns to keep sales up, and learned when they slowed down so made deals.

Two significant entries expected into the smartwatch market are the Android by Google and Apple, with both rumored to be getting to make announcements within the next six months or less.

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