Recently United Airlines began cracking down on passengers attempting to bring oversized carry-on bags on airplanes, a move anticipated by some to be a money grab or annoyance to the traveling public. United, however, has seen some unexpected support, from travelers.

According to recent studies, nearly half of all passengers support United enforcing its long-standing bag policy, which wasn’t being strictly enforced for years.

“I really get annoyed when I stand in the aisle waiting for some person ahead of me trying to stuff a large suitcase into the overhead, holding on the boarding process and taking up so much overhead space there isn’t must room left for others” says Bethany Stevens of San Jose, who recently flew on United from San Francisco to New York City.

For years United lowered airfares by $7 dollars to compensate for the checked baggage fee and gate agents allowed larger carry-ons that were supposed to be out of sympathy for passengers or to avoid a verbal sparring match at the gate. But With United now insisting on enforcing a long-standing policy, the unexpected happened, passengers approved.

“I saw a gate agent stop several people and made them check their bags, and it made the boarding process for everyone else so much faster and easier,” said Adam Mendoza after landing in LAX on a flight from Seattle.

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