According to Yellowstone National Park officials, the super-volcano below the park isn’t about to erupt.  That’s the message park rangers and geologist is putting out to counter a video that went viral showing bison fleeing the immediate area and a recent 4.8 magnitude earthquake this past Sunday.  There is the only bison in Yellowstone despite people commonly calling them buffalo.

In the video, bison can be seen galloping away from the person recording the video in what he calls a stampede of buffalo or bison fleeing to avoid an impending eruption.  The person shooting the video describes himself as a survivalist and was wearing camouflage and said on video that “an imminent eruption here at Yellowstone”.

Park officials, however, say it is most likely bison being frisky as they head deeper into the park along a paved road and that the park is safe to visit.  The busy tourist season for one of the most visited national parks in America is set to begin in just under two months.

Peter Cervelli from the the USGS said that while an eruption will eventually happen and despite several hundred small quakes over the last seven months and an uplifting of the ground (all common signs of an impending eruption), there little chance we will see it, saying, “The chance of that happening in our lifetimes is exceedingly insignificant.”

An opposite opinion popular with many is the fact that Yellowstone has had a major eruption about every 640,000 years on average and we are now about 35,000 years overdue according to geological records.

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