The Yamaguchi-Gumi group has launched a new website for its Yakuza syndicates hoping to shed the old image of an organized crime syndicate which is known for sex-trafficking, murder, extortion, and white collar crimes.

As personal fortunes rise globally through work and legitimate ventures, membership in the Yakuza has decreased, believed to be at an all-time low currently.

The new Yamaguchi-Gumi wants its efforts during the 2011 tsunami to be the image, along with members having fun with family and friends and visiting shrines.


Yamaguchi-Gumi’s new site claims to be the home of the “Banish Drugs and Purify the Nation League.”  Despite the website being done in very old school HTML design, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of visits.

The Yakuza was once one of the most feared crimes syndicated on earth, and at times surpassing the Italian mafia and the Mexican mafia in global reach, violence, and criminal street activities.

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