The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has published new rules controlling the production and sales of e-cigarettes that have risen in popularity over the last few years. Age restrictions, advertising controls and getting the approval of ingredients are some of the new rules e-cigarettes makes and retailers will have to comply with.

So-called “e-cigarettes” must now prove to the FDA what is in the liquid nicotine that is vaporized and inhaled by users and may not be sold to minors and will be required to have warning labels. The FDA found trace amounts of known carcinogens in samples tested by the FDA, debunking claims that e-cigarettes are completely safe.

Noticeably missing from restrictions are the numerous flavors like bubble gum, chocolate, and others. The new proposed rules will now treat e-cigarettes like tobacco products.

The new rules do not ban ads for e-cigarettes unless the ad claims a therapeutic value such as helping to stop smoking but does also ban sales from vending machines.

Several states have begun making their own limitations on e-cigarettes and increasingly, “vaping” is being banned inside along just like smoking regular cigarettes have been for over a decade.

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