Police in Texas arrested 39-year-old Kisha Young after she was caught driving with 6 kids on the roof, hood, and trunk of her car.  According to the police report, Young was driving her four children and two other children from a local pool back to her home in Crowley, Texas.

Police had been called by neighbors after she took a turn to fast and some of the kids were flung off the car, with one sustaining head injuries and had to be flown to a trauma center in Fort Worth.

Young apparently did not notice some of the kids were missing until she arrived at the home, that’s when she circled back and was confronted by police.  She was given a field sobriety test and was then arrested on intoxication assault charges.

The mother of the two other children was also arrested because she was a passenger and allowed her children to ride on top of the car also.

The reason?  Young reportedly told police she did not want the wet kids to get the inside of her Chevy Malibu wet.

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