The Transportation Security Administration has issued orders to some airports overseas that have direct flights to the US requiring additional screening procedure for personal electronics.

The new rules will require that passengers power on electronics during security screenings in order to verify that the devices work. If the devices are dead or will not power on then security officials will not allow them on the plane and the passenger will likely undergo additional screening.

Affected devices are not limited to just cell phones. Laptops, tablets, and portable gaming systems are also subjected to the tightened security screenings and may be required as well to be turned on.

TSA officials will not say which airports overseas will be apart of the enhanced screening measures or what exactly prompted the changes.

It is believed that the new security measures are a result of an increasing threat from Islamic militants who are using American born citizens to try and smuggle bombs hidden inside electronics aboard planes.

TSA officials said that there was no one specific threat that caused the change in overseas security measures.

Officials in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have said they will comply with the new security request by the US.

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