The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ban on Monday to all US-based airlines against flying over Syrian airspace due to concerns of possible terrorist attacks.

In a press release the FAA said, “Due to the presence of anti-aircraft weapons among the extremist groups and ongoing fighting in various locations throughout Syria, there is a continuing significant potential threat to civil aviation operating in Syrian airspace.”

The ban by the FAA comes after a prior advisory in May 2013 was issued suggesting airlines not fly over Syria was. FAA officials say that since the voluntary advisory against flying into Syria they have not received any requests to fly into the volatile airspace.

The FAA warned that extremist groups in Syria are armed with a variety of anti-aircraft weaponry. So far the terrorists have only shot down military craft but the terrorists have threatened civilian aircraft flying into the region.

A report by the Switzerland-based research group, Small Arms Survey, suggests that several hundred man-portable air defense systems are in the hands of ISIS rebels in the region. The defense systems are mostly Russian and Chinese origin that were smuggled into Syria.

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