San Francisco, CA

Google’s Android OS has reached 84.7% of global market share compared to Apple’s iPhone with just 11.7% of the same market. Leading the Android global growth is the $200 price ranged phones. Apple, however still retains the top spot for premium smartphones compared to Samsung’s Galaxy in the U.S., the world’s most lucrative smartphone market.

According to IDC Worldwide Phone Tracker, regarding operating systems, Android leads the pack with 84.7% followed by iOS at 11.7%, then Windows with 2.5%, Blackberry at 0.5% and everyone else with only 0.6%.

The new Amazon Fire smartphone is expected to take a little from both Android and iOS to become the third best selling OS smartphone within a year, pushing Windows down to fourth.

Android smartphone makers are set to begin pushing the $100 range smartphones ensuring the Android OS retains the top spot globally.

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