Orlando, FL

Google’s ecosystem brings many options to the table for both personal and business uses, there’s something available for everyone!

While some phones on the market that have different interfaces than Google’s stock look, such as HTC’s Sense, they still have the same base functionalities. Each device has the option to install and use Google’s applications that have been developed specifically for Android operating systems.

Gmail includes many features other than just an email application. When using Gmail it comes with its own calendar and as soon as attachment file sizes exceed 25MB there is an option to send attachments by using Drive.

Drive allows for the most accessible cloud storage available. There are many options with Drive as the storage goes hand in hand being able to use Docs to open any documents and share them through email easily.

Google also brings along functions to support document creation through Google Docs. Docs allow for you to create and share docs, sheets, and slides between your friends and even useful for businesses to share documents between co-workers. Docs have its own applications that can be installed on your phone and computer.

Keep allows for notes to be easily stored and synced through a Google account. Keep is accessible both through a phone application and a Chrome application which can be loaded on a computer.

Google uses a native application, Wallet, for all purchases that exist on the Play Store. The wallet can also be used as a debit card should the user choose to link their bank account to their Wallet account/card.

The Google ecosystem includes a wide variety of applications and features for all users.

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