San Jose, CA

Tesla has said it will build its massive $5 billion battery “gigafactory” just outside of Reno, Nevada.  The new manufacturing plant will cover 10 million square feet, equivalent to 174 football fields.

Once built, the new plant will be able to manufacture enough batters to build 500,000 cars a year and will employ roughly 6,500 people.

The decision is based in part on Nevada following through on a package of incentives it previously promised in an effort to get Tesla’s plant.

Several other states had competed for the plant, including California, where Tesla is currently based, and Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

Despite sales of electric cars still being low, Tesla recorded a 35% increase over sales last year and is now producing 40,000 cars a year.  Including electric hybrids, these cars account for 3.5% of all auto sales in the U.S.

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