Orlando, FL

In a recent research study by the University of Central Florida, UCF, and the Air Force Reseach Laboratory, it was found that Google Glass users are just as likely to have an accident as drivers using their smartphones.

In the test, which was conducted by Ben Sawyer at UCF, it had participants sit in a simulator and drive, some with Google Glass, some with smartphones and some without either. At some point during the simulation, a car suddenly stops in front of the participant and it measured everyone’s reaction times.

Sawyer said “texting with either a smartphone or Glass” causes driving distractions. According to the results, those using Glass or texting on a smartphone had nearly the same delayed reaction time, while those who were only driving had a much faster reaction time.

In fact, according to the study and others who have used Glass, there is virtually no difference in reaction times between Glass users versus smartphone users who are texting. Both are 33 times more likely to have an accident than those not using either and as much or more likely to have an accident than a drunk driver.

The study is the first scientific examination of Glass and driving.

In a written response, Google said, “putting a lot of thought into the design of Glass because new technologies always raise new issues”.

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