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Let’s be honest men have it easy when it comes to the looks department compared to women as far as aging goes. There aren’t any societal expectations for men to remain young looking as they grow old. We can get wrinkles, get a little doughy, and generally have little upkeep.

There is one area though that men need to be diligent about and that is their hair, or rather when we start to lose it. Most men all have the same fear; we don’t want to miss our hair and relegated to the world of hats, wigs, spray on’s, or just giving up and wearing a novelty t-shirt that says “its not a bald spot its a solar panel for a sex machine.”

It does not matter what creams you put on your head or what animals you sacrifice to the gods when your time comes to start going bald that’s it. No man wakes up and is suddenly bare unless you get blackout drunk at a frat house that has buzz clippers. Typically men will start to notice if they need to start applying for the hair club for men around their late 30’s. Hair is like a disco, you enjoyed and loved it but once it’s gone its gone forever.

Women usually don’t have to worry about hair loss. There is not a social stigma for a woman wearing a wig. Many black women are proud to wear a wig even when they have perfectly fine hair. Men, on the other hand, can’t just go the local Wig’s R’ Us store and pick up a hairpiece without a certain level of sadness and despair. Also with rare exception, most hairpieces for men still looks like someone took a roadkill raccoon, skinned it, and stuck it on top of your noggin.

So what does this all have to do with Donald Trump and Patrick Stewart who played Capt? Picard in Star Trek? It’s about how to handle hair loss with dignity.

The first thing most people think of about Trump is that god-awful comb-over on top of his big fat head. Trump has been forcing us to look at the pompadour of desperation for years. I imagine that he has a team of architects and engineers ready every morning to help secure every little bit of hair in the right place so that no-one notices what even a blind person can tell, dude is bald.

Now on the opposite side of the dignity scale, you have Patrick Stewart. Sir Patrick has been bald for decades, but his approach is to keep his remaining hair short and not try to hide what’s not there. And it works!

So men its time to learn when to surrender to the great hair loss demon. Next time the barber asks if you want to even out your remaining hair you say MAKE IT SO!

Disrespectfully yours,


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